The The masks presented here are produced in "cartapesta", an old Italian technique, which means "pressed paper" and made with materials of high quality.

Today there are few "maschereri" workshops producing the original venetian masks around the world and specialized in these productions. Most of them are acquired by collectors who recognize the tradition of unique pieces that convey so much magic.

In addition to the inspiration for the Commedia dell'Arte (a popular theater that emerged in Italy in the 15th century), there are masks influenced by mythological characters or the Greco-Roman theater, as well as contemporary myths, religious icons, and the fundamental free creation.

Each piece is numbered and receives a seal, guaranteeing its authenticity and individuality. The name of the masks refers to the template used and their identification is given by the code.

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Arte di Venezia Masks:  beleza, mistério e refinamento, sintetizados em máscaras venezianas!

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