On this page you will be able to know a little about my history, aspirations and inspirations.


Where it all began

The Artisan

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           This work has been done with the soul filled with joy and gratitude.

           Manufacturing masks became a profession a few years ago, however, I was born with Venice and its magic in me, literally, because my great-grandmother is a native of Venice.

"Ancestry summarized in photo with the two familiar branches: " Copelli and Zaghi", whose story began in the nineteenth century"

          Unfortunately the stories about the family are scarce, but, some reports remain of that time, one of them was published by my cousin.

          Below are some excerpts from his narrative:


Carlo Copelli (the man sitting on the right in the picture), my grandfather, from whom I proudly inherited the surname, left his paternal home in Parma at the age of 14 and went to France in search for work on the railways, considering that this country was rapidly developing the segment. He said goodbye to the family and set out on his way, when he was reached by his father who handed him his own silver watch as an inheritance. As an adult and also a widower, he knew that Brazil was known as a promising and vast agricultural field, with very good job opportunities considering that slavery had finally ended. Carlo returned to Italy specifically to Florence, and took a ship to Brazil (around 1890) and went to São Sebastião do Paraíso in the south of Minas Gerais, where he settled down, bringing with him small savings and the silver watch. "


Stella Zaghi (the woman sitting on the left in the photo), my grandmother, belonged to a wealthy Venetian family, was well educated, even in music, which was unusual for a woman at that time. With the creation of the Kingdom of Italy, the family had their properties confiscated. The way out of this situation would be to emigrate to Brazil and the money was essential for the trip. So, my great-grandfather went to a working front a little north of Venice in search of such resources. He got injured while working. Because of that, my grandmother, still very young, replaced him in his function and as it was a specifically male job she, without hesitation, cut her hair and dressed as a man. She was "a ragazzo tragl'altri ragazzi" (a boy among other boys), as she told the family herself. This work was temporary, and after its completion she bought a small boat to take travelers from one bank to the other of the Po River, near its delta. She combined the work of rower with her singing ability and, because of this, she attracted more passengers in relation to her competitors. That way she got the necessary resources, and left Naples with her father to Brazil (she was an orphan mother). She also brought small savings, a silver cigarette case and her glasses. "

“I keep in my personal tabernacle the watch, the cigarette case and the glasses, as precious relics that symbolize the energy of this familiar branch that I honor and homage. "(Carlos Copelli)




          My great-grandmother, Stella, had a remarkable presence in my life from an early age, through the stories about her told by my grandmother, and the affection and respect I have created for this great woman.

          Through this work with Traditional Masks of the Venetian "Carnevale" I am always joining my ancestry with my love for shapes, colors and lights.


                                                                   Lih Steiner

Visit to the Sergio Prata Atelier

Quote from Barbara Quick (site)

Arte di Venezia

An extraordinary artist who specializes in Venetian Carnival masques has honored me with a place of partnership on her exquisite website. I love the way she has used my words and research (with my permission, of course!) as part of her delightful, multimedia presentation of the history of Venice.

Click here to explore the gorgeous, highly collectible and, truly, affordable creations of the artist, Lih Steiner. I feel so delighted that reading Vivaldi’s Virgins (in its Brazilian Portuguese translation, no less!), and rereading it through the years, inspired her to reach out and contact me!


Arte di Venezia


Uma artista extraordinária especializada em máscaras do Carnaval Veneziano me homenageou com um mural de parceria em seu requintado site. Eu adorei o jeito que ela usou minhas palavras e pesquisas (com minha permissão, é claro!) como parte de sua deliciosa apresentação multimídia da história de Veneza.


Clique aqui para explorar as criações lindas, altamente colecionáveis e realmente acessíveis da artista, Lih Steiner. Eu me sinto tão feliz que ao ler as Virgens de Vivaldi (na tradução para o português do Brasil, não menos!), e relê-lo ao longo dos anos, inspirou-a a entrar em contato comigo!